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Good afternoon it’s Sunday! You arrived at this page at 14:09pm. I sincerely hope we can bring some of our website design skills to you.

DirectFX Websites
Website designers developing websites that deliver a beautiful
user experience.

Good afternoon it’s Sunday! You arrived at this page at 14:09pm. I sincerely hope we can bring some of our website designer skills to you.

Experts in websites and online media. A full service website agency.

Good afternoon it’s Sunday! You arrived at this page at 14:09pm. I sincerely hope we can bring some of our website designers expertise to you.

Website Designers

Good afternoon it’s Sunday! You arrived at this page at 14:09pm. I sincerely hope we can bring our expertise to you.

Technical & Process…

DirectFX with the Propeller Design Team

DirectFX works

DirectFX works with everyone from small businesses to large organisations. London, Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk (East Anglia) We’re the website designers to develop a NEW website or increase sales through existing websites. Drive sales & make money with DirectFX!

Heck! It’s the internet! If you’re anywhere in the world we’d love to work with you…

Quote: Ipswich, Munich, New York, Paris Everybody’s talking about… DirectFX!

We help our customers plan their website to make the fullest of its presence on the internet. UX (User eXperience) design, technical development and content strategy are the beating heart of DirectFX websites.

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How we work

How we work

We’ve an eye for detail and a commitment to push the boundaries of what’s currently possible in both ideas and code! Developing our website skills over many years of real world experience. Contact us today for a full list of happy customers.

Collaboratively designing websites

DirectFX works collaboratively with our clients! Designer, developer, project manager & client are encouraged to work together and discuss the web project. Ideas, can come from surprising sources and be wonderfully beneficial to a project.

We want our customers to feel a sense of pride and ownership of their websites and we achieve this by all working together. It’s your website, you will be working with it daily and so we aim to build websites that our clients love!

Website Design Stage

Website design

Website design is not subjective! Mostly everyone can agree when something looks good. With simply years of design experience behind us we can develop ideas into visually stimulating websites. Our aim to make YOU pleased with your decision to deploy DirectFX. Please take a few moments to review our work.

The website design process should always begin with identifying users and their needs. Early in the process user stories are created and customer journeys explored and we use these as the focus for all decisions about the direction of YOUR website.

Content is KING!

Any content that does not add value to the web project as a whole works as a "minus" toward your goals. We consider, with you, the efficacy of all content. CONTACT US.

User Experience

UX and the wider internet

DirectFX recognises the user experience extends beyond the confines of the website alone. Therefore we consider social media, mobile and any and all offline media when designing a website.

Accessible websites

We endeavour to build websites accessible to the widest possible audience. This means websites should not only be accessible to users with physical disabilities, but also users on older technology, maybe with poor connectivity or alternative devices.

We’d like to say this is DirectFX being totally altruistic! But attention to accessibility helps with SEO and therefore your search engines “page rank”. From labelling all the images in a website to optimising and reducing graphics for delivery on mobile devices. We pay attention!



When building websites we’re often called upon to explain why we do things a certain way or how it is advantageous to do some things and not others. Our aim to impart this information in a practical, easily understood way.


If you’ve a good grasp of websites & coding you may be interested in our notes on real world websites, codes & mail etc. A ways from being comprehensive but an interesting read nontheless. Master Template

Future website developments

Future website developments

We’re still amazed and do not take for granted the fact we’re living this era of digital communication. We love it! Because we love it we’ve got our ear to the ground, listening for the next little development. When we’ve found something special that we think may suit your website we won’t be backwards in coming forwards and letting you know! We hope some of our excitement rubs off on you! Prepare to be excited! (It’s a fast moving digital world).

That said, we don’t apply cutting edge techniques to our clients websites as soon as they present themselves. New techniques need time to mature before being applied to real-world websites. We do look to the future but are grounded enough to deliver only what can be reliably used as of 14-07-2024

We’re on your side!

abstract beautiful inside

Beautiful inside

DirectFX creates visually beautiful websites but our appreciation of “beautiful” goes somewhat way-beyond most peoples appreciation; after-all beauty is only skin deep! We look at the code behind a website. Is it concise? Does it conform to the latest W3C standards? Does it utilise to the fullest latest .php and html5 developments etc? Is it built for speed? How does it optimise it’s presence on the web?

Currently we develop and build websites using HTML5, .php, javascript & CSS3 and we do our best not to leave people behind on older platforms and browsers.

We design knowing that websites will look subtly different viewed in different browsers but after we test, we iron-out differences so as to produce something in keeping with the over-all website design.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
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    <title>Website Designers in Ipswich Suffolk</title>
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    <h1>Website Designers in Ipswich, Suffolk.</h1>
        <p>There’s a lot to choose from so why choose DirectFX?</p>
        <p>Don’t just take our word for it, read our customer reviews</p>

Responsive Design a selection of smart devices

Resposive design

DirectFX has a proven track record of delivering elegant website designs and intuitive UX’s on touchscreens, desktops, iPads AND mobiles.

To your budget we can design responsively. Over the years we’ve collected many code snippets that we can target and deploy to your project thus speeding up the website coding process, ultimately buying time and saving you money!

Our code library

As mentioned above we can draw on our own proven library of code snippets. Typical examples include…

  • Alphabetical lists
  • Analytics & reporting softwares
  • API (Application Programming Interface) resource lists
  • Content styling
  • Forms: Captcha, Checking, Elements, Response & Delivery
  • Image Librarys
  • Javascripts
  • Navigation
  • Page layouts
  • PHP snippets
  • Popular icons
  • Premium third party code injections lists
  • Security
  • Social media features
  • Typography css styling
website code on the screen

Behind the scenes

DirectFX utilises a team of trusted graphic designers & developers who over the years have proved themselves with us. They bring expertise when called upon to the many varied stratas of website development.

Graphic designers using

  • Photoshop
  • Word
  • Acrobat
  • Fireworks
  • Pages
  • Illustrator


  • Bespoke coding with BBedit
  • Dreamweaver
  • CMS systems inc. Surreal & Wordpress
  • Touchscreen presentation systems using Intuiface
  • Bespoke coding Forms
  • Bespoke HTML e-mails

Third party API deployment

  • Font Libraries
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Facebook Feeds
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Form Captcha’s
Business Experience



You provide us with your requirements, ideas and vision for your website. Offer samples of what you like already. Graphic examples of things that tickle your fancy and colours that you would like to give priority?


You provide us with an estimate of how many pages your site must have. From the start, just providing us with a list of page headlines would be enough for us to work with you.

Let us know of any website features you might like to include? These may be things like social media feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds and/or widgets & Apps.

Domain Name and Hosting


or applicable new suffixes such as… etc.

Do you currently own the domain name for your project or would you like DirectFX to register and administer this for you? Otherwise would you like directFX to suggest available domain names with a consideration to their effectiveness with regard to your website & Search Engine Optimisation?

Would you like DirectFX to host your website at competitive rates for you or do you currently have a preferred hosting service?

How many e-mail addresses do you require with your website? List them for us. Again do you require DirectFX to register and administer your e-mail addresses for you or do you have a preferred e-mail provider?


We review your requirements and research competitors in the market to see how we might further add value to your project.

We obtain costs from our preferred sources for elements DirectFX cannot directly provide. This might also include budgeting for copywriting, graphics or photos from library sources etc.

Costs and timeframe

DirectFX provides you with costs and timeframes to deliver your project.

websites & strategic planning abstract

Costs and timeframe agreed…

Graphic Design

Deeper client liaison to discuss the design approach you would like. Nailing the look and feel. Providing a recognisable identity.

Based on the information you provide we might provide visual representations of the site’s layout, colour scheme and style or point you to elements within existing websites that we’d like to include in your design.

Visitor/Customer Journey mapping

From the view of the visitor to the website we plan their route through the website with a view to getting them to our desired purchase/response section as soon as possible whilst encouraging their positive response along the way.

Website build

Domain name administration

This may include the purchase and administration of a domain name/s. We provide a FAST hosting service.

We set about coding the website. A short while after the coding’s started we provide you with a private ‘url’ to view the progress of your website build. From this you are able to review and comment at your leisure.

Customer Approval

With customer approval of the look and operation of the ‘Finished’ website we move to the next three stages. Should you wish, the website could be made LIVE at this point!

E-mail accounts

We set up all associated e-mail accounts with your domain. Usually providing IMAP accounts with each although if specified we'll set up POP3's as well.


We set about optimising any graphical content. This involves reducing the file size of images by compressing them. Optimising any downloads, .pdf’s etc. in the same way. We remove any unnecessary code.


We run testing scripts that analyse the HTML and CSS code to W3C standards. Where possible running STRICT COMPLIANT CODE.

SEO abstract network image


Testing, testing 123

We take a look at your site on the most popular desktop browsers as well as viewing them on tablets & mobile phones.

The site officially goes LIVE

We deploy your site on it’s domain. Setting up hosting and e-mail accounts for you.

Registering your site with search engines

OK, so your website is live but how do people find it? Well, most people will find your site by using their favourite search engine. Google is currently No.1 in the world followed by Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Ask respectively. DirectFX registers your website with the top search engines to make your site visible to the general internet public.

And finally…

CMS Customer Management Systems

With a CMS system requested we supply you with your login details to administer your site. This mainly used to update/add text and pictures. Keeping your website up-to-date and informative for visitors.


If requested we can add and set-up and provide you with your Analytics code to be able to track visitors and their click-thru rates.


Social Media

We can advise applicable/useful social media tools and of course add links to them from your website.


You may wish DirectFX, in keeping with your designs, to produce online media banner adverts for you to place. Let’s not forget traditional methods too. We can produce print (brochures, leaflets etc.) or promotional items.

HTML e-mail Campaigns

Your site’s live. You may be collecting visitors e-mail addresses or indeed already possess a database of existing customers. We can promote your website or targeted products through HTML e-mails. We know how to get people clicking. Visually engaging & effective HTML e-mail campaigns.

Abstract Web Design image by manolo chretien -


We have experience in the following areas:

  • Web design
  • Website maintenance
  • Traditional design (printed)
  • Cookies (we love 'em)
  • Captcha's
  • Logo design
  • Favicon design
  • Animated gifs (Burning logs)
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Content management systems
  • Ecommerce Shopping Baskets - Sell to your customers all around the world
  • Bespoke on and offline web applications
  • Responsive design for mobiles, tablets, phablets & desktop
  • Touchscreen presentations
  • PDF Brochures
  • Online brochures and presentations
  • Integrated 3rd party applications
  • Payment Gateways
  • Data capture/handling
  • Membership/Social Networking Websites
  • Directory/Business Websites
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • E-mail set-up
  • E-mail Administration
  • HTML E-mail Campaigns
  • HTML E-mail Signatures
  • Website Hosting
  • Website back-ups
  • E-Mail back-ups
  • Spam protection
  • SEO experts
  • SEO consultants
  • Troubleshooting
  • PHP
  • HTML All version Nos.
  • CSS
Abstract SEO image by denisse leon on

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Owning a website that has not been optimised for search engines is the same as having an idea in your head! Who’s going to see it?

We ALWAYS ensure that your site can be found on the major search engines! Based on your prioritised list of search terms we can offer a monthly maintenance and report facility to help you to improve your position on search engines.

There are two equally important parts to SEO.

1. SEO Website Optimisation

These are elements addressed directly on your website. Making sure, as many known methods as reasonably possible are implemented somewhere in your site to aid page rank. Right from the initial serving of the webite on a geographically applicable server to the coding of the site to W3C standards. The implimentation of SEO driven content to the design structure, navigation and pages. Let’s not forget the page loading times… All content should be optimised for delivery and take account of the platforms recieving content. Finally, but not least, accessibility considerations for physically impaired users. All of the aforementioned IMPORTANT! Scoring a search engine rank in their own right.

2. SEO Social Media & New Content

Referred to as “social media” but more descriptively described as “new online content from other sources”. A website will maintain and improve it’s rank if it’s observed to be updated regularly with new content. Importantly, if this new content appears on other websites or social media services and links to YOUR website it's shown to improve a websites page rank noticeably. The more time and effort you spend talking about your product/service in a worthwhile & useful way will increase it’s position within a search term where that same search term maybe being used by many others. Conversely, persisting in posting the same content or unrelated content and your website will be marked lower and very probably lose ground rapidly.

DirectFX has a long established track record in the field of SEO for it’s clients and can advise and propose strategies conforming to budgets and provide analytical feedback. From the feedback we can suggest further enhancements and so the process goes. We can prepare budgets based on targets.

Abstract e-mail accouts image by jerry kiesewetter of

E-Mail Accounts

As an industry standard we’ll provide IMAP e-mail accounts for you to be able to pick up your e-mail from anywhere on the device of your choosing. If you choose a POP3 e-mail service, fine, we’ll do that for you too! We’ll administer your e-mail accounts to forward or auto-reply etc. We can even code & build professional e-mail signatures (one’s that don’t appear as an attachment in the e-mail but that are embedded. They are, as they should be, an integral part of the e-mail).


As well as taking measures on your websites to obfuscate e-mail addresses from spam bots we’ll set a level of spam protection through “Spam Assissin” provided as a feature through our cPanel control panel for our customers.

A typical list of minimum provisions…

Service Approx. Average Provisions
Email Accounts 5
Forwarding Accounts 5
Autoresponders 5
POP3/IMAP IMAP standard unless requested otherwise
Email Aliases 5 (rediretion standard)
Virus Scanning Standard
Spam Protection (SpamAssassin) Standard and tailored
Web Mail Pick up your mail from ANY web browser around the world by appending /webmail to YOUR url.

DirectFX impliments IMAP and/or POP3 accounts which are compatible with Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and pretty much all major e-mail clients. If you require more e-mail storage capacity we can set up and administer Gmail® accounts for you be it Basic, Business or Enterprise.

E-Mail Professional Signatures

We've all seen e-mails with attachments only to find the attachment is nothing more than a logo in the e-mail signature. Annoying! and not very professional. DirectFX can create e-mail signatures that are embeded into the e-mail so they don’t show up as an attachment. Attachments only show up when you actually attach something to the e-mail. Much more professional. You can attempt it here following our notes or indeed ask us and we’ll be happy to do it for you.

abstract image - servers


We control/administer UK and International web servers.

We offer shared and dedicated servers and these can range in price from as little as £8.33/month to a more corporate £249.00/month. We’ll offer to provide you with the solution that best serves your needs.


DirectFX provides fast & secure hosting on behalf of our customers. Customers benefit from our 100% hardware up time, regular backups and firewall protection. Your business will have the assurity of knowing that your website is going to be displayed whenever people wish to view it. Night and day across the globe.

domain name administration

Domain Name Administration

Your domain name is the starting point! Choose wisely from conventional geographic domain endings, such as .com .scot and etc., or go with new domain endings, such as .limo, .cruise, .flights, .beer, .blog, .shop etc. You can view a list of currently available domain name suffixes (AKA Top Level Domains TLD's). DirectFX can help you to choose a domain name that represents your brand and helps you stand out on the web. We consider questions of SEO, like would a TLD be more beneficial than a .camera if you're selling cameras? You might be surprised at the current thinking.

Already have a domain name? We have the expertise to professionally administer your domain deploying A record changes to point to your new website on our new server/s as well as performing intricate e-mail authentications for multiple MX servers.

abstract image server provisions

Example server provisions

Mid to high level UK based web servers.

  • Fast Intel® CPUs
  • Mirrored discs (RAID)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • 1Gbps network connection
  • 4TB monthly transfer
  • 1 x IPv4 address - IPv6 as standard
  • Choice of Linux, FreeBSD or Windows
  • Remote server rescue
  • Any time reboot & re-install
  • OS System choices
  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows Server 2012

Operated on uninterruptible power (UPS) system with on-site generators to guarantee that your servers will be powered 24/7.

Example Server Specs

Processor 3.4GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 Memory 32GiB Power Delivery Dual power supply Dual network connection Storage 4x 1TB SATA (2TB usable)

Abstract: Domain Name Administration - image Jason Chen from
Abstract: Domain Name Administration - image Robert Collins from
END Website Designers


Credit: All photographs gratefully used on this technical & Process section from Propeller Design & Unsplash.